Wind turbines and water pollution at Whitelee?

February 12, 2015

Apparently a  representation was submitted to the DPEA against the latest Whitelee windfarm extension, near Glasgow – on the basis of water contamination. This could be the first documented case of wind turbines and water pollution and could have wider implications.

Simpler Explanation of Wind Turbine Acoustics

February 2, 2015

Here’s a simpler explanation of wind turbine noise that you may find useful,

Winds Of Justice, new website aims to help local anti-windfarm groups

August 11, 2014

A new website,  has been set up by a small group of campaigners as a vehicle for legal challenges against inappropriate siting of wind farms. It  provides information to help local anti-windfarm groups, raise EPAW’s profile and help raise funds to take on some of these giants

Winds Of Justice’ is challenging government policy and fighting:

  • to combat noise pollution
  • to right windfarm wrongs
  • to maintain local democracy
  • to preserve the environment
  • to protect landscapes and heritage
  • to save our dark skies and wild places

For more information please contact

Susan Crosthwaite

UK spokeswoman for EPAW


contact: Susan +44(0)7436810013

New Studies On Windfarm Noise Pollution

April 5, 2014

This news just in from EPAW – “A message from Dr Sarah Laurie: Please be aware of Professor Alec Salt’s article, which completely vindicates the work of all those acoustic and medical professionals and researchers in this area.

14-03-31 WINTER Vol. 10 Issue one- How Does Wind Turbine Noise Affect People, Salt and KCOMMENT ON AMA Position Statement Revised to AMA

COMMENT ON AMA Position Statement Revised to AMA

The health issues are real, serious, and predictable based on what was known to the global wind industry many years ago after the Kelley research from the 1980’s.

It is time a truly precautionary approach was adopted.

The 1982 UN Commission for the Law Of the Sea (UNCLOS) clearly indicated that noise is energy and energy impacts on even single celled organisms and it may not be inconsequential irrespective of intensity.

Here’s the final paragraph of the aticle Wind-farms and health from

‘In conclusion, there are serious adverse health effects associated with noise pollution generated by wind turbines. It is essential that separation distances between human habitation and wind turbines are increased. There is an international consensus emerging for a separation distance of 2 km, indeed some countries are opting for 3 km. The current guideline on separation distance is based on ETSU-R-97 and is manifestly out of date. It is only relevant to the small turbines of that era. The vastly increased scale of today’s turbines means that the current recommendation on turbine separation is grossly inadequate.’”

Read more at:


Chalk It Up As A Loss – Video Slams Wind Farms

February 17, 2014

In this Youtube video Ben Acheson slams wind farms and argues that, considering their many negative impacts and popular opposition, we should chalk them up as a loss and try something else.

To read the accompanying article in the Huffington Post please click the link below.